We're building an intentionally designed neighborhood for wounded warriors and families

The Situation

Due to advances in battlefield medicine and aeromedical evacuation, our warriors are surviving life-threatening injuries at a much higher rate. While government agencies are working overtime in treatment and research, invisible wounds like traumatic brain injury (TBI) remain difficult to diagnose and continue to undermine the reintegration of our warriors.

The Solution

The absence of community creates a dangerous void that can imperil or undermine the stability and ongoing recovery of those with lifelong rehabilitative needs. What these warriors and families need most are everyday, personal relationships with other engaging adults and neighbors willing and able to ensure a thriving future.

The Strategy

What makes Bastion unique among other residential programs is that it supports an intergenerational environment in which warriors live alongside retired military and civilian volunteers. Bastion sustains a network of friends and neighbors committed to providing enduring friendship and support both on a day-to-day basis and at crucial times.

Recent Initiatives:

In The News:

10 Questions with Jane Rohde

Bastion has been featured in Jane Rohde article on InteriorDesign.net Jane Rohde—an esteemed senior care, healthcare, and sustainability expert whose Ellicott City, Maryland-based firm JSR Associates has become a leader in the building of and consultation for paradigm-shifting senior living environments—has spent the better part of two decades refining the design world’s response to the very real needs […]

Bob Woodruff mentioned Bastion in his Tedx talk today!

TEDx Wallstreet, Oct 30, 2013.  Bob Woodruff mentiongs Bastion in his speech. Watch here: http://new.livestream.com/tedx/WallStreet/videos/33557517

Help for Veterans in New Orleans

We were recently featured in a New Orleans Magazine article written by Megan Snider. Veterans Day provides an opportunity not only for the New Orleans community to thank service men and women for their contributions but also to take inventory of some of the resources in place to assist these heroes, since homelessness and isolation […]

Multigenerational Communities Sprout to Aid Vulnerable People

RANTOUL, IL—When Lynda Komanecky learned about a new community in Portland, Ore., specifically designed to house elderly people to help young parents raise foster children, she knew that it was the place for her. “I had a feeling that I could really make a contribution,” says Ms. Komanecky, 65, who moved to Bridge Meadows from […]

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